Social Media

Social Media

I maintain a presence on various social media platforms online and often can be found in person at various music gig in and around London. If you would like to view my online social media presence, I can be found on the follow platforms:

Further to my present on the Facebook platform, I maintain various groups and pages, which I use to advertise the various music gigs and platforms around London. For example, in August 2012 I set up a network of music groups on Facebook with the London Music Group currently one of the biggest groups on Facebook with approximately 7,400 members.


I also use the Facebook platform to advertise my photography, which I have set up a specific group for this and a Facebook page. Furthermore, I have created two pages which are used to promote events and musicans through photographic medium. These pages are:

Lastly, this website is the evolution of another page I set up on Facebook, known by the same name as Louie London Central! - This page was to centralise my present on Facebook as well as my Louis Green and Louie London profiles into one page.

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