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An Introduction to Louie London

Established since late 2009, I have been involved in various live music events on the London UK music scene as a photographer, promoter and as a musician. Presently I am self-employed a photographer specialising in live music events.

My History


My actual name is Louis Green and I am based in West London. I have a background as a concert photographer with approximately 10 years experience supporting various live music events. I am also a HCPC Registered Social Worker (SW91860) and you can view details of my professional social work registration here. Ifwant learning a little more about my professional qualifications as a social work, an online version of my resume is available here.

A few years ago, I developed my brand name as Louie London Photographer and Music Promoter, which has become a recognised identity on the London UK live music scene. My work as a photographer has been used to promote venues and musicians, such as on social media. As an extension of this brand, I have created this website where you can view the various projects I have an interest in, including samples of my photography and information about myself. If you are interested in hiring my services as a photography, drop me a message via the contact page. Lastly, you can also follow my activities, including viewing recent samples of my photography on social media, such as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

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