My Gig History

My Gig History

In this section, I have provided details of my gig history and how I have linked this into my photographic workflow process, which you can view here! You can also view samples of my photography on my portfolio page.

Over the previous ten years, I have attended various live music events. Sometimes as one of the audience, often as a photographer and sometimes, as one of the musicians with my guitar. This is the year 2020, my eleventh year since I started my brand of Louie London, which I have visited various locations and venues in London and surrounding areas. Each visit I have logged in a database with the date, venue, area, name of event and if any photos are available, which I name each file in a batch process. This supports my workflow as it allow me to quickly locate where a photo had been taken and the date it was taken.

Moreover, this has widen my experiences and developed my knowledge of the live music industry, such as the different atmosphere in a venue, what a venue may be like, how different musicians prefer to be photographed, what it is like on stage as a musician and often I am the 'go to person' if people want to find an open mic for example, which I have listed on this website for anyone to view here!

Below are the records I have kept of each event I have visited.

  1. Year 2020 Logs
  2. Year 2019 Logs

  3. Year 2018 Logs
  4. Year 2017 Logs
  5. Year 2016 Logs
  6. Year 2015 Logs
  7. Year 2014 Logs
  8. Year 2013 Logs
  9. Year 2012 Logs
  10. Year 2011 Logs
  11. Year 2010 Logs

NOTE: I never write a review or a reference regarding any musicians or venues, as each experience can be different from a previous and for other professional reasons, I allow the picture to do the talking. At present, I do not run or operate an agency or set up any events. What I do is network with the various musicians and different venues, which you can read more about on the music promotion page.

Further to my gigging history, I have acquired knowledge about the different types of venues available to musicians on the London musician scene, which you can view here!

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