Promoting Music

Promoting Music

I have about 10 years’ experience on the London music in photography and occasionally as a musician, so I know what it is like on stage. This also has enhanced my knowledge of photography, such as the equipment, pre-event planning, where at the event I could take photos, networking with the various people at the event and after event phot shots, such as backstage. Therefore, I am not just a person looking to earn a living from photography, I feel the personal / professional relationship is just as important as the quality of work I have produced. Moreover, to promote various musicians and venues via photography, I use mainly social media to advertise their presence, which includes listing events, displaying photos of a previous events or using a video I have shot using one my camera systems.

  • Documentary Photography

  • Live Music Videos

  • Advertising Music Events

  • Social Media

  • Networking with Musicians

Over the years, I have networked with various musicians and it is possible, I might know a musician or a venue that may meet your needs. I do this commission free, as I do not run a music agency or host any music events. Moreover, I have I gain knowledge of various open mic events across London and in 2013, I started a London Open Mic Listing. Using my social networking, I endeavour to keep this listing up to date, which you can view here!


If in any doubt, you can view my photography portfolio, my skill set and testimonies from the various musicians on this website. I have also include my gig history and a list of most of the venues I have visited since 2010. Occassionally I also preform with a guitarist for fun, which has assisted my understanding of what it is like photographing a performer, live on stage and with creating photographic promotional material, as I have been in similar position.

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