Featured Musicians

Featured Musicians

Over the years, I have worked with each of the musicians featured on this page. I have seen, listened, photographed and supported their music at different venues. To reflect this, I created this showcase with a brief outline dedicated to each musician and something about their current work. You can also view various photos I had taken of each musician by clicking their photo.

Adam Green

When I first met Adam back in February 2019, he was preparing to accompany Eleni Skarpari to perform in a library. I later discovered it was a bar located near Trafalgar Square. Adam performs with either an electric-acoustic guitar or an electric guitar. He works with different musicians and bands. Since I met Adam, I have seen him perform with Eleni Skarpari and with Kat Neocleous.

Ben Henderson

We first met in 2010 at an open mic in Kingston upon Thames. I have since support at many events, such as festivals, steampuck meetings and at the various music events Ben runs. 

Brian Goggin

Brian I met at an open mic in May 2017 in NW London. I have seen him perform at various venues a collection of original and cover acoustic tunes on his trusty guitar.

Cornelis Gerard

I met Cornelis at an open mic in 2017, which was hosted by Dana McKeon. Cornelis is a regular on the London music scene, often performing with his band, at open mic and generally support live music. Below are a few of the photos I have captured of Cornelis over the years.

Courtney Anglin

Courtney is a keen supporter of live music, supporting various musician with one of his trusted percussion instrustment, as seen in the photos below. Occuasionally, he also performs in live bands, such as the Hannah White Band, with a full size drum kit. Courtney is a keen photographer, like myself and will often have a DSLR camera with him at live music gigs. Samples of his photography can be viewed here on his website. I first met Courtney in 2010 at an open mic in Kingston upon Thames.

Dan Caleb

I met Dan in 2017, at an open mic in North London. I have since seen his abilities and his music development, including hosting an event at The Finborough Arms in Earls Court (26/07/2019). He writes his own music and has released a single called "Stay Here". Below are a few of the photos I have captured of Dan over the years.

Dana McKeon

I first met Dana McKeon in 2013 at open mic she had been hosting at Belishi's in Camden. I have supported Dana at many open mics, show case gigs and headline gigs, such as at the O2 Academy in Islington. Dana plays various original songs, often with her own style of beat boxing and I understand, she is one of top beat boxing champions in the world. She was also there to support me in 2013 when I wanted perform for the first time with a guitar at one of her open mics and I felt Dana is a great supporter of people generally.

Dave Lambert

Sometimes known as the 'Other Dave', I have have know him since 2011, when I met Dave and his daughter, Jo Lambert. He has arranged various afternoon showcase gigs, performs at open mics and often performs with his band called the 'DMs'. A few of the photos of Dave, which had captured over the years can be viewed below.

Eleni Skarpari

I met Eleni in 2010, in the area of Kingston upon Thames. I have supported her music at many event since, such as the Teddington Arms, Monto Water Rats and recently at the Batch Bar in Peckham. Originally from Cypress, Eleni often performs an original compliation of songs. Below are a few of the photos I have captured of Eleni overt 10 years I have known her!

Hana Maria

This lady is also known as the Piranha, aka Hana Piranha whom I met in NW London September 2015. She performs a collection of dark original songs around the United Kingston as a soloist and in band. I have seen perform with multiple instruments during a gig, such as violin and a harp. I also felt this was genius move of Hana as she has set up on Facebook the Hana Piranha Official Complaints group, given fans a chance to complain, given feed and other publicity about Hana’s musical work.

Indra Red

During the summer of 2013, I met Indra an open mic in Camden. Since then I have been following her musical career development around London, where often she will perform original compositions on a keyboard or on a custom made keytar. Indra performs often in bands and occasionally as a soloist. Presently, she performs with the band known as Encrypted Love. Below are a few of the photos I have captured of Indra over the years.

Jamie Gray

Jamie Gray, I have known since 2013 when I first met him in Kingston upon Thames. He performs a collection of covers and original songs on her travelling keyboard. Often, I have seen him accompanying various musicians and singers on stage at open mics. Jamie also runs a weekly mid-night busking event, which is a bit like open mic in the centre of Kingston on a Saturday.

Jo Lambert

Jo Lambert is one of the band members of the 'DMs' and is the daughter of another musician I have supported, her father, Dave Lambert. Jo has been performing at live music events in South London and in Surrey, such as t open mics, festivals and various show case events with her band known as the 'Raven Chords'.

Kat Neocleous

Like the venue I met this musician in Dalston, Kat is Rock Steady. I first met Kat in August 2019 and I have since heard perform at various venues across London a collection of covers and original songs. Last year she released a single and created a music video with the same name called ‘Creeping Around’, which you can find on YouTube. Kat is not only an amazing musician; she also presents regularly on London Greek Radio.

Liza Bec

Liza Bec, I first heard on a keyboard back 2013 at an open mic in Kingston upon Thames. I have since heard perform with various musicians, as soloist and with various instruments across various venue in London. Some of the instruments include keyboarding, saxophone, recorder and with a keytar. She informed she knows about 10 different instruments. Liza presently performs a collection of original songs with her band known as Spiral Dial.

Louie London

Over the previous years, I saw various musicians on stage at various open mic and after my I finsihed my university degree in 2012, I decided to learn the guitar. I took a 10 week guitar course at a local college, which finished in December 2012 and by February 2013, I performed at my first open mic an orignal guitar tune. I continued doing this for a few years until arthritis go the better of me in 2017. Fortunately, my fans captured various memories of me perfomring live and here is a few photos of those times.

Morris MAW Concas

MAW mind is similar to a guitar dictionary, where he can point out many chords from memory and has supported me with my guitar playing. His known as Morris Concas but perfers the name MAW. Maw often supports various musicians on the circuit with his guitar and as a sound engine. This includes some of the musicians I have also worked with, such as Courtney Anglin, Eleni Skarpari and in a duo with Tara Lewis known as the Tales of Pandemonium. I first met MAW at the popular music venue in Kingston upon Thames known as the Cricketers in 2010. Below is a sample of the many photos I have captured of MAW over the years.

Natalie Banna

It was in court I met Natalie in 2015. No not legal, but at 'The Court Open Mic' on Tottenham Court Road where I first heard her perform live. Since then, I have supported her at open mics and music gigs across London, which she had since produced collection original songs you can hear online or purchase for personal listening. Below are a few of the photos I have captured of Natalie over the years.

Nathalie Cookson

Nathalie I have known since 2015, originally performing around the Open Mic circuit in Camden. Since then I have seen her singing various covers and original songs, often performing at various events around London.

Pena Hughes-John

Playing her original style of music, I first me Pena in Kingston upon Thames in 2018 at an open mic hosted by Ben Henderson. Pena often tours the Hertfordshire, London and Surrey live music scenes (sometimes, all 3 areas on the same day), performing at various open mics, show case gigs and festivals. Below is a samples of a few of the photos I have caputred of Pena.

Robert Ouseley

This Pilgram I met at pub in South Ealing known as the Castle a few years ago, where he was preparing to perform for their open mic. Since then, I have followed Rob's development as a musician at different venues across London, at Open Mics and showcase gigs, performing on guitar a collection of originally composed songs. Below are a few of the photos I have captured of Rob over the years.

Sanuel Rex

Sam as he perfers to go by, I met in 2015 running an open mic in Kingston upon Thames. Sam performs or runs at various open mics and teaches guitar. Below are a few photos I have captured of Sam

Simon Jackson

Simon is a musician I first me at a Kingston upon Thames Open Mic, which at the time was held at the Cavern Freehouse in Rayne Park in 2014. Often performing solo with his trusty guitar and occasionally with his son Billy. Below are a few of the photos I have captured of Simon at various open mics.

Tara Lewis

I first met Tara in Kingston upon Thames in 2014 at one of the many open mics in the area. He performs a collection of covers and original songs. Tara open performs at The Oak in Kingtons as duo with MAW, which is known as Tales of Pandemonium and one of his songs, features line about me capturing frames. So below are a free frames are Tara performing live!

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