Dave Lambert

Dave Lambert

Sometimes known as the 'Other Dave', I have have know him since 2011, when I met Dave and his daughter, Jo Lambert. He has arranged various afternoon showcase gigs, performs at open mics and often performs with his band called the 'DMs'. A few of the photos of Dave, which had captured over the years can be viewed below.

Testimonial about me from Dan Caleb

"I'm a musician and I've always been impressed with Louie's photos, having first met him about 3 years ago. Every time he's shared his work with me after one of my gigs I've been very happy with the photographs and there are always some great promo shots to use. I find a uniqueness and variety in his photos which means I'm always happy consistently sharing them on my social media pages. I'm currently setting up a website for my music and will certainly aim to use some of Louie's shots."

You can find out more about Dan from their Facebook Page!

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