Natalie Banna

Natalie Banna

It was in court I met Natalie in 2015. No not legal, but at 'The Court Open Mic' on Tottenham Court Road where I first heard her perform live. Since then, I have supported her at open mics and music gigs across London, which she had since produced collection original songs you can hear online or purchase for personal listening. Below are a few of the photos I have captured of Natalie over the years.

Testimonial about me from Natalie Banna

"I do not say lightly that I personally feel Louie is by far the best music photographer in London I have met. And that is saying something as I have invited many London photographers down to my gigs and he exceeds them all! Not only that, but his loyalty and commitment to follow through when he says he will come is admirable. And a couple of times he has showed up without my asking which speaks to the kind, loyal soul that he is. He deserves all the fame and success I’m sure is his future!"

You can find out more about Natalie from her Facebook Page!

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