Robert Ouseley

Robert Ouseley - Pilgrams' Dream

This Pilgram I met at pub in South Ealing known as the Castle a few years ago, where he was preparing to perform for their open mic. Since then, I have followed Rob's development as a musician at different venues across London, at Open Mics and showcase gigs, performing on guitar a collection of originally composed songs. Below are a few of the photos I have captured of Rob over the years.

Testimonial about me from Robert Ouseley

"Louie is an exceptionally talented photographer whose dedication shows itself in the quality of his work. Professional, friendly, courteous, and possessing the most hi-tech, up to date equipment, I strongly recommend using Louie. I’ve used his photos and videos for two years now and can confirm the strength of his reputation in the London live music scene."

You can find out more about Pilgram's Dream from his Facebook Page!

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