The Photographer

The Photographer

My actual name is Louis Green and I am based in West London (UK). I am self-taught photographer with roughly 10 years experiencing photographing live music events and I adopted the brand Louie London in 2010. Samples of my photography can be viewed on this website as well as my gig history of the various live music events I have visited.  Below are details of my key stills and experiences as a photographer. 

Key Experience and Skills in Photography


  • From 2010 to 2019 (Present)
  • Familiar with full frame DSLR camera manual control functions, such as Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO with different lenses and filters configurations.
  • Knowledge of different camera systems and brands, such as Panasonic, Canon and Sony
  • Using professional camera equipment and software whilst employing different workflows for pre-produce, production and post production for different photograph projects. Software including Microsoft Office, Dropbox, Adobe Lightroom and Capture One. Examples of the equipment I have available can be viewed here!
  • Experience with post editing of digital photos, such as exposure, lighting, colouring, and cropping
  • Experienced in photographing live music events, which are using dynamic lighting effects, employing different styles of photography, such as a combination of portrait, action, group or audience shots
  • Experienced working with various musicians, technicians and promoters at live music events across London, Hertfordshire, and Surrey. A history of the live music events I have visited can be viewed here!
  • Assessing the photography project for the required shots, equipment, location and working in partnership with customers.
  • Photographing for specific purposes such as promotion, social communication, storytelling or printed media
  • Documenting music events, developing leads, networking and relationship building.

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