Services and Booking

Services and Booking

I have written this as a guide to the types of services I can provide, an indication on pricing and the sort of information I look for when booking a photo shoot. If you have questions, I can be contact on the form below or via the contact points listed on the contact page on this website.


I am a photographer based in the London Borough of Hounslow in West London and I use mainly public transport to travel as I don’t drive. I specialise in live events, concerns and live music photography, which I utilise special high-end camera equipment in a portable format. Samples of my photography is viewable on this website and testimonies from people I have previously worked with. To give an indication of my experience, I have included my music gig history and a list of the various venues I have visited.



I can provide photography services for planning, during and after a photo shoot. Moreover, I can provide generalised photography consultancy, such as types of equipment, shoot planning and computer software related. For details about Music Promotion, please view this section on the website. I don’t at present teach anything regarding photography.

Examples of Types of Services


  • Gig Photos
  • Studio Photo Shoot
  • Portraiture Photos
  • Basic Video Recording
  • Photographic Processing
  • Music Promoting

What You Are Paying For


The prices quoted above are is a standard price and for basic image processing (which in general should be all you need). Expenses are charged for sites requiring more than 90 minutes travel, hiring equipment and if accommodation is required.


What You’ll Receive for the Standard Price


  • The Time Taken for Photo Shoot – How long it takes to take photos for your photoshoot
  • The Photographs Taken – No photos are held back
  • My Expertise – Skill, Knowledge and Experience as a photographer
  • Supply of Your High-Resolution Images – Usually electronically
  • Storage of Photos - I maintain a none cloud based storage and archiving system of processed JPEG images. I retain RAW image files for 2 weeks, should you require


Image Processing


In general, it takes as long as it does for a photo shoot as it does to process the images.


  • Basic Image Processing – cropping, editing for exposure and colour balance, basic sharpening and if necessary, correction for geometry.




Any expenses will be outlined in your quote but in general:


  • If I am required to travel more than 90 minutes, £10 would be added for each additional 30 minutes inside the London area and £20 outside of London as estimated on the TFL or Trainline websites.
  • If I am required to book other services, such as accommodation, a second photographer or equipment
  • Hotels and accommodation expenses (if required) are charged at cost

Your Photos – The Technical Bit


The photos are supplied in high resolution s-RGB digital format in either or both RAW and JPEG file formats at 240 dpi.


Other photo file format/s (such as PSD, TIFF or PNG) at higher dpi are available on request (an additional charge may be made). The photo images can be supplied using a cloud-based sharing platform or upon request, on CD/DVD and USB key at the cost of the media and any postage and packaging costs.


All JPEG photos will contain EXIF metadata with information about the equipment used, a copyright notice and details of the photographer. There will be a copyright notice included on the image, with the photographer’s name and the year it was taken. As outlined in the pricing, the copyright notice would not be imprinted on the photographic images for an additional charged.


Further information about copyright information, usage of the images after the photoshoot and licensing can be viewed here - Licensing



They many aspects to a photoshoot I require to assist me with planning, executing and completion of the photoshoot. Such is there a specific location, how many people, what time of day, how much time you require for the photoshoot, type of lighting available, type of you photos are looking for or do not want and how you would like the photographic images to be delivered, such as electronically, CD / USB Key or file format. Some people want the photos shot in RAW format without post editing and others want various photo enhancements. Each process has it’s advantages and disadvantages, such as how long it would to take to process the photographic images.

Examples of Types of Photos and Locations


  • On Stage
  • Back Stage
  • In the Studio
  • Outside of Venue
  • On Location
  • Headshots
  • Portraiture
  • Particular Angles
  • Showing Audience
  • Documentary / Story Telling

When completing the booking enquiry form below, try to think of any aspects you feel would assist in the photoshoot, including which services you would be interested in before or after the photoshoot. Based on this information, I would be to provide an indicative quote for the photoshoot.

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